She Reads Truth Bible

If we are being honest, reading my Bible was one of the hardest things to do consistently. I tried all throughout high school and then on into college to genuinely read my Bible on a consistent basis, but it never failed–something would come up.

Back in 2015 I wanted to get serious about reading God’s word, and a friend suggested the app, She Reads Truth. It quickly became a way I consistently read through Scripture. It was this little (but big) online community with Bible reading plans, which created a way for me to read through the Bible (not to mention I set a notification with a reminder to read my Bible so I wouldn’t forget). Fast forward to today, I have this deep hunger for God’s Word because it genuinely breathes life into my heart. She Reads Truth has been a huge part of developing my love for the Word, so when I found out they were publishing their own Bible with devotions, reading plans, and so much more; I literally couldn’t wait to get one.


Here recently, I was given the She Reads Truth Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. I am so excited to share this awesome resource with you! Don’t worry! They aren’t telling me what to say; this is all me! I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Why I love She Reads Truth:

One of the main reasons why I love She Reads Truth so much is because everything they do is done with intentions to pull you back into God’s Word so you can fall more in love with Him. If you are anything like I was a couple of years ago, I wanted to learn how to read God’s Word. This was all new to me and I didn’t know where to start. With the She Reads Truth Bible, they literally start you off with “How to Read the Bible” and it’s broken down to where you can really understand how to get the most out of your reading. We have to start somewhere right?

The She Reads Truth Bible is specifically designed to help the reader with the use of it’s Key Features. I think the main reason why throughout high school and college reading God’s Word was so difficult is because I didn’t really understand what I was reading. But with this Bible, they have created different features to help you–not gonna lie, I totally wish something like this existed when I was in high school. Check out some of my favorite features:

Genre Indicator:

The Bible is not all the same genre. There are different varieties of books of the Bible like history, letters, or even wisdom. Going into a book of the Bible knowing its genre will help you get the most out of each book. She Reads Truth starts each book with a color-coded tab to help you easily identify the genre of the book.


Notice how this book is a coral color, this would indicate the genre of wisdom or poetry (the key to each book is in the back of the Bible).

Key Verses:

If you’ve ever wondered how all of Scripture fits together, She Reads Truth has put a collection of one verse from every book so you can see the complete arc of Scripture in 66 verses. They have taken these verses and created beautiful verse art. Each verse illustration has been hand crafted to help you easily memorize scripture and really see God’s word in its purest form–beautiful. One of the many reasons I was initially attracted to She Reads Truth was because of the artwork. I really loved how they took verses that breathed life into my heart and made them beautiful. So many of these verses have become phone backgrounds or even verses I personally have memorized.



Each chart gives the reader more insight to that particular book and how it fits into the Bible as a whole. For example, for the book of Psalms, She Reads Truth provides a chart for you to see Christ all throughout the Psalms. But then it even gives you the fulfillment of those Psalms in New Testament passages. The charts throughout the She Reads Truth Bible are extremely helpful simply because it really does give the reader a bigger picture of how God’s Word really all goes together. The charts are in color–this is something you’re definitely not going to find in most Bibles. I love the color that’s all throughout this Bible; it really feels like you’re looking at a piece of art that draws you into God’s Word time and time again.

Reading Plan:

Most study Bibles will offer some sort of reading plan, but from what I have seen it’s nothing more than a Bible in a Year plan. To me, these kind of plans have always been super intimidating. I know people do them all the time, and I commend all of you who have done this, but I could never make this work. I would get really discouraged if I missed a day, and then I would be trying to play catch up. But She Reads Truth provides you with not only a Bible in a Year plan, but also it gives separate reading plans for each book, which is divided into five day weeks (again, for someone like me this would have been less intimidating to start with). For me now, I love the feature of “Digging Deeper” with texts to connect passages to the whole Bible. Are you noticing a trend? She Reads Truth has done a fabulous job connecting each passage of Scripture to the whole story of the Bible!


On one side you will see a basic reading plan for the book, but then to the left of the weekly reading you will see the “Digging Deeper” section of Scripture.


When I initially started my journey with She Reads Truth within the app, I was drawn to it because of the devotionals that came with each reading plan and now this feature is continued in their Bible. When you look at the reading plan at the beginning of each book, there are some weeks that are bolded and that’s simply to let you know there’s a devotion to go along with that passage of Scripture. There are 189 devotions in all, each one with the purpose of pointing you to God and the gospel. Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by life’s difficulties, but when we get in place where we can lift our eyes up to God and remember the gospel, that’s where we will find freedom. She Reads Truth does a great job at pointing you back to the reason why we can have freedom in Christ.


On the left page, you can see an example devotional that goes along with the reading plans. If that particular day is in bold, then there is a devotion to go along with the reading.

Other Features:

She Reads Truth provides a detailed book introduction for each book of the Bible, a topical index, smyth-sewn binding, two colored ribbon markers, and wide margins for journaling and note-taking. I love the idea of wide margins because I’m one that marks all over my Bible. I love writing notes from different sermons or making my own references to other Scriptures throughout the book.

The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the thinness of the paper. My go to pen for my Bible and my journal is the Sharpie Fine Point Pen and using that pen doesn’t bleed through onto the other pages, but the pen is definitely visible on the opposite side that you write on. Even with the thinness of the paper, the She Reads Truth Bible is one worth getting!


Although the Bible is in full color (which I love), it bleeds through pretty easily.

The only other thing you aren’t going to find in this Bible is Red Letters. I know many of us are familiar with red letters (in the past, red letters were used to set apart the words Jesus spoke in the New Testament), but we need to keep in mind the whole Bible IS God’s Word.

Keep in mind this is not a typical Study Bible that gives some sort of commentary, but rather a resource to provide you with comprehensive tools to help you grasp a deeper love for the Gospel! This is unique to the She Reads Truth Bible–and totally worth it!

Want to Get One?

For more information: Click Here for the She Reads Truth Bible. The website provides you with more information and place for you to get your own She Reads Truth Bible. I’m telling you, you are not going to want to miss this opportunity;it would make a great gift for Christmas.


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