He is Mighty–A Year in Review

My top nine images of 2017 have really sparked this whole “year in review” thing. It got me thinking about the word remember.

What does remembering really mean?

According to Google’s dictionary the word remember means “have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of (someone or something that one has seen, known, or experienced in the past).” I love that part about bringing to mind the things we have seen, known, or experienced because that pretty much includes remembering the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s whatever has happened in the past.

For me personally, there have been years where there has been immense pain. I didn’t want to look back because all I saw was pain and darkness. Even the thought of a specific circumstance would cause almost immediate tears to form in my eyes. However, there have also been years where the look back on life has been one of adventure, fun, and complete happiness.

But what if, the year in review wasn’t just about our life’s circumstances but about what God did? What would a year in review be like then?

It is a Biblical truth for us to remember what God has done in and through our lives. All throughout the Bible, God calls His people to remember all that He has done. It’s actually mentioned in the Bible 168 times (can be more or less depending on your version). There is clearly something powerful about remembering.

So why is remembering such an important thing?

There’s a story in Joshua 3-4 where the Israelites cross the Jordan River. This is an incredible story. If you aren’t familiar with it, take the time to go read both of these chapters–right now! It seriously is incredible! But the basic concept of the story, is the Israelites cross a really powerful river because of God. He stopped the river from flowing simply to show that He cared for the Israelites. After the Israelites passed through, God tells them to set 12 stones aside “so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.”

We see here just in one example, God used a physical object (the stones) to show the world who He is, to show the world He is mighty.

Remembering what God has done for you, helps you remember God is mighty–even in the midst of seasons of sorrow.

Your remembrance could allow the world to see He is mighty!

When we direct our focus on what God has done for us and who He is instead of life’s circumstances, it’s going to produce joy simply because we can rest on the promise that God is working all things for good (Romans 8:28). So whatever situation you are personally in, I would like to challenge you not to just look back at the circumstances that have occurred in your life this year, but rather all that God has done.

Personally, I would love to sit and have coffee with each of you and hear all about what God has done in your life this year! It’s encouraging to me to see God’s hand at work in the lives of others. If you want to share what God has done in your life this year, leave me a comment or send me a message here. But I would love to share with you, my “stones” of what God has done in, around, and through my life this year.

Friends and Community

One of the greatest things God has done this year, has been blessing me with some pretty great friends. It literally dates back to January when things started to all come together. It’s weird because I had just prayed asking God to give me some good community (people I could have deep conversations with and who challenged me). This group of friends does exactly that. I have learned about myself in some pretty crazy ways. My friends are most certainly not afraid to call me out, but they do it in love. They sharpen me when it comes to what I believe. It’s really just incredible. We’ve prayed together. We’ve cried and laughed together. We’ve celebrated together. We’ve even traveled to many different places together. I’ve seen God use my friends to share the gospel with tons of people. I’ve watched my friends disciple people who have been in their lives for years and have watched others start discipling and meeting with others. God’s hand is at work with this great group of people! I’m thankful for y’all in so many ways!

Nothing to Prove

At the end of 2016, Jennie Allen wrote Nothing to Prove and I had the privilege of being on her launch team (which basically means I got to help promote the book before it was released). I read it in November of 2016, and started wrestling with the idea of starting a book club at my school for some of the teachers there for us to go through the book. I didn’t really take a chance on sending out an invite until mid-January. To me it was this great risk and moderately big time commitment, but I knew I wanted to see God work at school, so I sent an email.

img_0943With about twelve women signed up to participate in the book club, I was so impressed at God. I was only expecting like 4-8 people and God totally kept them coming. I don’t remember exactly, but I think around 20 women ended up buying the book! God used the book club in so many ways! I remember each Wednesday, I would just listen to these women talk about God’s movement in their own lives and all God did was use them to tell me the risk was worth it. It was through this book club that I learned when God impresses something upon your heart, it’s 100% worth it. God was there and I watched Him move. It was the coolest thing to be apart of!

Totally fan-girling as well because I got to meet Jennie Allen at the beginning of February and just thank her for her obedience to the Lord in her ministry! God has used her books to remind me I was worth dying for and I have nothing to prove because Christ finished the work on the cross.

Quiet Moments

I think so often times we busy ourselves so much, we don’t really know how to just be still and see God. But for me, the quiet, still moments is when I see God clearly for myself. In these moments, God speaks to me. There are so many things I could write about how God has used the quiet moments to speak truth into my life, but the one recently God has been teaching me through Esther is His timing is perfect. It’s never late, and it’s never early. He is in control of all things, so He is ALWAYS on time.

God has spoken truth into my heart this year through the books of Esther, 1 & 2 Samuel, Nehemiah, Isaiah, John, and 1 & 2 Corinthians. It’s been a great journey through the Word! I’m grateful God speaks when we quiet our hearts before Him.

These quiet moments are usually processed through different people in my life, but two that are absolutely foundational to my walk with Jesus are Alysia and Barbara. I’m not quite sure I would be where I am if it weren’t for these two great ladies! They are a shoulder to cry on, a listener, and an encourager on my journey with Christ! They invite me into their homes and allow me to live life with them. Thank you for helping me BEHOLD Jesus each and every day.

My Church

For starters, I was transitioning between churches at the beginning of the year. I wasn’t quite looking to get involved anywhere, but really just wanted to soak in, but God had other plans (and His plans were way better). At some point in March, our Family Discipleship Pastor found out I had worked in student ministry in my old church and wanted to see if I would be interested in serving.

img_5490We meet for coffee; and at the beginning, I felt pretty standoffish because I had my own plans of not being involved, but the more we talked the more our hearts for ministry aligned. I could tell God was placing me here for a specific purpose. By the end of that conversation, an opportunity to go to Ecuador had opened as well as an internship, which is funny because remember I had no intentions of getting involved. Thankfully, God knows best!

img_2479God has used my church to reach the lost, make disciples of all nations, and minister into my heart. The leadership God has placed over my life has been a huge encouragement into my personal walk with Jesus. They have challenged me to literally go places I was scared to go. They walked with me through some really difficult times. And through it all, God was there. He was and continues to use my church as way to draw me nearer to Him.

The Internship

I would just like to remind you, I had no intentions of getting involved at my church and God had other plans. The internship was an awesome experience, one that I am so thankful for! I had the opportunity to hang out with students and serve all summer long!  We had VBS and as much as I’m not good with little kids, I got to see these sweet kids come to know Jesus. Watching them pray to receive Christ and watch their hearts be made alive was clearly the work of the Holy Spirit. It was awesome to see God take something dead and breathe life into it! It’s only something He can do!

img_3883I also got to go to camp with our middle school and high school students! At this point, I didn’t really know them, but by the end of the week, they were just a bunch of little brother and sisters! I got to watch God breathe more life into two of our students that came with us. The excitement a new believer has because the joy of the Lord is literally now inside of them is a miracle–each salvation is a miracle.

Just for the record, at the end of 2016 I had been praying about switching careers. I felt this pull from God to seek something in publishing, writing, or editing books. I wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but I just started looking at different jobs in that field to see what it would take to one day work in the writing field. One of the things that was recommended was a Masters in English (which I start in January), but it was also looking for previous experience in ministry. Outside of volunteering in churches for 10 years, I didn’t have “official” experience. I just prayed God would provide opportunities to serve Him so I could do whatever He called me into. I prayed that in January, and then in March when I met with our Family Discipleship Pastor, the internship was available. God is just too cool!



img_3036There’s so much that I could say about Ecuador and what God did there and you can read that by clicking on this link. But what I simply want to share is something that isn’t included in that blog post which is God used this trip (from the time in the airport to my quiet time in Ecuador) to tell me it was time to talk. For a period of time, God had silenced me when it came to an area of my life, but God specifically spoke reconciliation into my heart during this trip. It really had nothing to do with Ecuador, but just what happened because of Ecuador. It was pretty awesome that God would use a conversation with my pastor and then my quiet time to speak so clearly into my heart. Now was the time to speak.


This is probably the coolest thing I get to talk about simply because I get to talk about the new brothers and sisters we have in the family of Christ! I had prayed at the beginning of the year, I wanted to see God save (here is what I mean by “save”) more people. But then at the beginning of the summer, I prayed more specially telling God I wanted to see Him save 5 people before the end of the summer. Well, God taught me this year He is capable of doing more than we think or imagine. Apparently 5 was just too small for God, because even at camp I saw hundreds of students profess faith for the first time, so then I prayed that God would either directly use me in 5 different people’s salvation or that they would be in my life for a period of time. What you see here, are simply the six people God has placed in my life this year who I have had the honor of seeing God take them from death into life!

I know I’ve already said it before, but salvation is a miracle! The fact that I have gotten to see so many salvations this year is just pure evidence God is real. He is alive and He is working.

Discipling and Small Group


img_5512Discipling is one of my favorite things to do! I love meeting with students and talking about what Jesus is doing in their lives! I love walking through books of the Bible and being able to just be apart of watching them grow in their faith. Through discipleship I was able to meet with about 6 different girls! I wanted to be consistent with them and I’m definitely thankful for the time we have had together! Small group is the same way! At the beginning of small group, I was only anticipating about 4-5 girls, but we have about 10 that come regularly!

img_5247So what has God done through discipleship and small group? Well, I have seen God open the eyes and hearts of these girls to reading God’s Word. Several girls have grown in just their desire to reading His Word. According to my small group girls, they come and when we discuss God’s Word they leave “shook” or “in the feels,” which I think is a good thing. We also have tons of fun together just because the laughter never stops!

But for me God has used these girls to speak to me. There are times I will be teaching something to them, but it’s really to me. A good example of what God taught me through teaching them was when we walked through John 2 earlier this semester. God taught me what it is like to have Faith Like the Servants.


Again, I would so love to have coffee and discuss all the intricate details that I know are missing from this list of what God has done in this season, but I would also just like to tell you there are things in my life that I have prayed all year (and some for years) for God to move. For whatever reason, God hasn’t moved there yet, but again, I know His timing is perfect. This year is evidence of that.

And if you are in a season of sorrow, it’s a season. I don’t know when it will be over, but I do know there’s a season of celebration around the corner. When it comes, you celebrate. The sorrow you have experienced in life, makes you appreciate the celebration so much more!

So if you find yourself struggling to remember what God has done this year in you, think about your salvation–that alone is a miracle. Think about what God has taught you–the discipline teachings as well as the gentle reminders. Did anything good happen? Because that’s God too, and that deserves to be celebrated even if it’s simple!

God loves it when we remember what He did.

Your remembrance could allow the world to see He is mighty!

The Reality of Quality Time

First dates are so nerve racking. You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. Then spend another couple of hours with hair and makeup. Spray the perfume. Look at yourself more in the mirror than usual making sure everything is perfect. You probably put on a different outfit after getting completely ready because something isn’t right. Spend another frantic fifteen minutes trying on different tops, only to put the complete original outfit back on. The anticipation of the unknown creates those little butterflies. Then you hear the knock at the door.

Small talk begins at the door, but then as the date progresses through the evening, the conversation flows a little deeper. Just by spending a couple hours with the person, you know whether or not date number two will be coming. Chances are if you like that person, you will continue dating them–getting to know them a little better date by date.

Over time, the more you get to know someone, the more you grow to like them (if not you’re breaking up). Before you know it, the first date butterflies are gone, and you’re so comfortable with each other and real with each other that you don’t hide anything–even those nasty farts (please, Lord protect me!).

The once awkward, trying to impress first date has now blossomed into a no-more-pretending relationship.

The point: the more we get to know someone and the more they get to know us, the more comfortable we get–we aren’t pretending anymore. We can just be real.

Getting to know someone on any level starts with conversation–whether that’s your now best friend, husband, boyfriend, co-worker, kids, etc. The only way we get to know someone is by spending some good ole fashion quality time with them.

Now relate this to God.

How much time are you letting God get to know you? And how much time are you getting to know God?

Just like in our earthly relationships we have to spend time with someone in order to get to know them, we have to do the same thing with God. If we want to know God and let Him know us, we need to be talking to Him.

So how do we do this?

If you said reading your Bible, praying, and going to church then you would be correct.

But for real, are you actually doing these things?

If you’re not, please be encouraged and hear me say–YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.

Getting to know God and letting Him get to know me was hard to do! It was just like the first date we just talked about–AWKWARD. Conversation felt extremely one-sided, with yours truly being the only talker. I was trying to impress God by my effort. But in return, I only received silence.

Somewhere along the way I figured out God didn’t need me to impress Him–He didn’t need the glitz and the glam. I realized God accepted me as I am (nasty farts in all).

Being REAL with God made a big difference in our conversation.

This time it wasn’t one-sided. But unfortunately things called Netflix, school, friends, family, sleep, and church quickly became more important. I was too busy or too tired to spend quality time with God.

Finally in college, God really grabbed ahold of my heart (specifically my priorities). I knew I needed to get to know God for myself and allow Him to get to know me. Over the next few years, my time with God became more than just something to do because I knew it was right, but really it was building my relationship with God. This relationship actually brought forth life in me, all because I was simply allowing myself to be known by God and getting to know Him. I wasn’t looking to impress God with my works, but rather just be me.

What does spending time with God practically look like?

Spending time with God or “quiet time” I think looks different for everyone. I’ve listened to how my friends spend time with the Lord and just kind of made it my own, which I think is key.

Your relationship with God is personal to you–it’s not someone else’s relationship; it’s YOURS.

So if you’re looking for an exact list of what works when spending time with God, then look somewhere else. This is not a list of all the dos and don’ts when having a quiet time, but rather some suggestions as to what works for me. And just being honest up front, this has taken me years to figure out. It’s been a process of trial and error and really a discovery of how my heart hears from God.

Take from this whatever you want! Change it. Mold it. Make it your own. But most importantly it’s not about the HOW but the WHO! Focus on God. Spend time with God. I promise that will be life-changing.

Find a time that works best for you.

Quiet Time at Garden of the Gods

Most days, my time with the Lord is right before I go to bed. It’s an easy way for me to tell God about my day both the highs and the lows. But I’ve also found it provides me with rest for my anxious heart. It hasn’t always been right before bed; sometimes it’s right smack dab in the middle of the day, or in some seasons it’s in the morning. My mentor won’t let her feet hit the floor until she’s started her day with Jesus. But find what works best for you!

Let me also share this disclaimer: sometimes my time with Jesus is completely silent in my room (or at Garden of the Gods), and other times I’m doing my quiet time in the middle of a cabin with 15 middle and high school girls. There may be times when it can’t be silent and that’s okay, but I have found that in the silence that’s when I can hear God’s still small voice the loudest.


Worship at the Beth Moore Conference

Worshipping is a huge part of my personal quiet time! It fixes my eyes on God and not on myself. It literally prepares my heart for what God is going to say to me. I listen to worship pretty much all the time, but it focuses me on God–the one who is in control. Right now, I don’t usually listen to worship music when I’m actually reading through the Bible simply because there’s something about the quietness that I have grown to love, but then there are times when the worship music is on especially if I’m at the coffee shop. I do get distracted by the lyrics sometimes, so Bethel Music has a couple of albums that are instrumental! Check those out!

Prayer Journal

img_5561It sounds way more intimidating than what it really is. Not everyone does this, but again, find what works for you! The point is to TRY! Back in high school I got in the habit of keeping a notebook with all my sermon notes, but my prayer journal has evolved a lot since then (check out the pictures below for how I organize my prayer journal). And I love it. I genuinely write out my heart to God. Whatever is on my heart, God hears about. Some prayers are 2 sentences to 2 pages. It just varies, but like David did in the Psalms, he pours out his heart to God. I think that’s what God wants. God knows us and knows what we are thinking before we ever ask, but God still wants us to communicate our cries to Him. He wants us to willingly share our hearts with Him. So for me, my prayer journal is exactly that–an opportunity to pour out my heart to him.

Some people use a certain method of praying, but I just sort of pour my heart out without a specific order. But generally, the A.C.T.S. Prayer Method is what I include in my prayer journal, it’s just not necessarily in this order.

I use the Markings. I found it at Target a few years ago, but now I just order them online. It’s my favorite!

Read the Bible

This is key. So often I believe people think spending time with God is just saying a quick prayer. And yes, you are spending time with God, but if that’s all you do, then you’re in a one-sided conversation and you’re the one doing all the talking. Give God a chance to speak into your heart. This may be awkward at the beginning, but it won’t be long before you see God’s very Word having a direct impact on your life.

Remember this has been a work in progress over the years. I’ve had the desire to be in God’s Word, but struggled to keep the commitment. Every time I would decide to read the Word, I would get one of those daily devotional books, or download an app with a 365 read through of the entire Bible. I loved the idea of reading through God’s Word in a year, but if I skipped a day I was going to do the day I missed plus the current day. Then I found myself like five, long chapters behind reading the Word and just gave up because of the quantity.

img_5557So what I have found that works for me is usually using a NavPress Study Book as a guide. I found these at a local book store and have now used these books ten different times. I keep recommending them because they offer so much! Some lessons are longer than others, but it’s not about quantity but quality time. So if you only get to read 3 verses, that’s okay. It’s not a race or competition. If you slow down when you read God’s Word, that’s when you’re opening the door to truly experience Him. These books offer a “For Further Study” option, personal application questions, study guide questions, key pieces of information to help you better understand the context or historical significance, and so much more. I genuinely would love to have the whole series, but I’m not quite there yet.

I would also suggest the S.P.E.C.K. Method as a starting place to reading God’s word. You’re not always going to have something for every letter in a single passage, but the point is to slow down when you read so you don’t miss God.

Again, these are simply ideas to help you get started. Below are the ways I set up my prayer journal. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me and I would love to help you get started!

Remember, it may be similar to a first date, but don’t pretend or mask yourself with makeup. Be you. God already knows what’s beneath the surface, so just talk to Him. It won’t be long before you’re completely captivated by God! You will genuinely have a hunger for God like you have hunger for food.

Organizing my Prayer Journal:

img_5564-1Excuse the mess of the picture, but I use my prayer journal for everything. So what you see here is an attempt at labeling how I set up my prayer journal. Let’s start at the top. Each page is labeled with a page number. I also include the date, but with the date, I like to include the day of the week. This is super helpful looking back at previous prayers. Then when I’m doing my quiet time, I write the study I’m going through in the center of the same line as the date. Then I label the “activity.” I call my personal quiet time “Be Still” but if I’m at church for church notes, I label it “NorthWoods” or if I’m listening to a sermon online, I will label it whatever it is I’m listening to. When I was in Ecuador, I would label the activity something corresponding with Ecuador. To me this is important because I want to accurately label whatever it is that I’m doing so I can look back at a sermon notes, my quiet time, camp notes, mission trips, online sermons, etc. For my quiet time, I always start with prayer. This portion may be anywhere between two sentences or 2 pages. Then after I pray, I will write the lesson I’m on from the study book I’m going through. This particular one was Day 2, and beneath that is the Scripture I read that day. Underneath, are the notes I took from the day’s study. Sometimes I write these in my prayer journal and other times, I write them directly in my Bible, or both! img_5560

The example to the right is some of the sermon notes I take from church. But I put everything in one place. I know other people like to have separate notebooks for everything, but for me, I can easily reference something if it’s all in one place. It’s also super cool to see God speaking to me between all the different “activities” (I need a better name for that).

The last page of my notebook is where I place my favorite verses. If God speaks to my heart in a verse, I will write it down in the back of the notebook and work on memorizing those verses. It’s super cool writing God’s word on my heart, especially when it’s verses that have encouraged or spoken truth.

365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids

One of my favorite things to do throughout the week is to sit down with a student and talk about their relationship with Jesus. Most of these students are in high school, and when we go to have our first discipleship meeting, their first question is how do you have a quiet time with God?

Great question!

I love that these students have a desire and a yearning for God’s Word. But I wonder, what if these students learned what a quiet time with God looked like earlier in their life? What would their relationship be like now?

This is a prime example of how important it is to raise up kids to be in God’s Word. We don’t just read the Bible to say we did it, but rather we read the Bible because it’s God’s Spoken Word. God speaks to His people (us) through the Bible. The Bible has some big words and some really hard-to-pronounce names, but kids CAN read and understand the Bible. We have to come to a realization at some point that church is not the primary discipler.

Discipleship starts in the home.

That’s great, but what does that look like?

There are tons of resources out there to help equip you to disciple kids. Often times, I think we limit what kids are capable of doing just because they are kids, but Jesus told us to have child-like faith. Kids can believe in Jesus, and I believe kids can have a quiet time with Jesus too.

9780718085643_3d6acIf you’re looking for a starting place, I would recommend Kathryn Slattery’s 365 Answers for Curious Kids book. FrontGate Media gave me one of these books to review about and I love it. It’s a great starting point to get your kids in God’s word daily.

This weekend, I will watch one of my best friend’s 3rd grader get baptized and I cannot wait to give him this book. He loves learning about the Lord and even as a 3rd grader wants to be a pastor! It’s awesome!

Anyway, 365 Answers for Curious Kids gives a daily devotional for kids based around a question. Some of the questions range from: “What is the greatest commandment?” to “Why do some Christians put fish-shaped symbols on their cars?”

img_5549Kathryn Slattery has thought up some great questions for kids and paired each question with a Bible story and a devotion. These devotions are short and sweet. If you have a new reader in the house, it may be a little difficult for them to read on their own; but I think there’s something sweet about a parent having a quiet time with their kids. Your higher readers will be able to read the devotions, but may need help on some pronunciations or even definitions. Remember this is a kids book, so it’s geared towards kids.

At the end of each devotion it gives a prayer for you to pray and a “Want to know more?” section, which leads you to another devotion.

img_5553-1Quite honestly, I have this picture in my head where at bedtime, parents and kids read the daily devotional together, talk about it, pray, and then tuck that adorable little one into bed. That’s a quiet time.

The book doesn’t have any fun illustrations to look at which is one down side, but it offers meaningful truths in blue and a sea foam green color. It also provides an attached red ribbon bookmark so you can easily flip to the date.

As far as appropriate grade level, I would say this is perfect for elementary age kids. Remember to your younger ones, you may have to explain more words or have their practice their sight words as they read, but the older elementary kids could read this on their own!

Since we are so close to Christmas, I would definitely get this for some kids who are definitely hunger for more information about Jesus. It opens up for you as a parent to have a spiritual conversation with your kids–and that’s just better than any toy they could get for Christmas. You’re investing in the kingdom instead of things that will fade away.

We’re doing another giveaway for this as well: Click Here to Enter



Right now, I’m working on a little series of different resources to help you grow a love for God’s Word. In the She Reads Truth Bible blog, I mentioned how it was difficult for me to grow a hunger for God’s Word. I’m not quite sure why it was so difficult for me to start and be consistent, but what I can tell you is when I surrounded myself with people who hungered for God’s Word, it stirred the same hunger in me. I wanted to be apart of those kinds of conversations and I wanted to have something to contribute. Whether the people I surrounded myself with knew it or not, they were shaping and molding my heart simply by their conversations about God’s Word.

In the same way, what would life be like, if we started having those conversations earlier in life? I’m talking like, what if we had these kinds of conversations not just with each other (great idea by the way), but with the kids in our lives?

Psalm 78:4 says, “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we actually lived this out? You know, passed down all the wonders God has done to the next generation?

Hopefully you’re thinking, “Rachel, that would be awesome! But how can I practically live this out?”

I’m so glad you asked!

I don’t think it matters whether you have kids or not, we are all held responsible for passing God’s “glorious deeds” to the next generation. This sounds way more difficult than what it really is–it’s more about living intentionally and utilizing even the smallest, mundane moment to point kids (whether they are your own or someone else’s) back to God.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science


We are so fortunate to live in America with literally a plethora of resources on helping you and others grow a love for God’s Word (something I took advantage of before going to Ecuador), but the one I want to share with you today is Louie Giglio’s Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science. 

Front Gate Media gave me this book to give an honest review, and I literally cannot wait to share this with the kids in my life.

Space, Earth, Animals, and People

img_5411The whole point of the book is for kids to grasp the concept that our God is AMAZING! Louie Giglio reaches out to kids by sparking their curiosity through things in nature. He focuses on four main categories: Space, Earth, Animals, and People. Each category has a unique color for it, separating it from the others. If you want to read about animals, you’ll want to look for the green titles and so on so forth. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hunt through the book because included is a table of contents plus in the introduction you can find the page numbers divided up into each category.


img_5418I think you will find that each category can spark interest in any kid. For example, I remember being little and wanted to know about all the different bones in the body, and Louie Giglio shares how God is amazing through our bones. But let’s say you have kids interested in hunting, there’s even a devotion about hunting out of these 100 devotions.

Louie Giglio isn’t afraid to talk science to kids, but he makes it engaging and on their level. He exposes them to words like fossils, weather, hair, eyes, ears, dinosaurs, galaxies, etc. And he does this all with the intent to explain how God is AMAZING.

“Be Amazed”

img_5413Here’s where these devotions can really be turned into your daily life: the “Be Amazed” section. This includes different facts, a prayer, and some hands-on activities. These are additional little tidbits from the devotion, which really help to supplement the text for kids. Things like tornadoes and even eclipses are included in the book, so kids might need help pronouncing some of these big words if you plan on reading it together.

But don’t just make this another book on your shelf. Rather live it out. Let’s actually pretend this is real life–yesterday was incredibly windy. It would be so easy to flip through Louie Giglio’s book to find something about wind. And look, he has one! Then you can read through the devotion (on your own or with a kid) and share how we can be AMAZED by God through the wind.

Living intentionally doesn’t have to mean sitting your family down in the living room for a family devotion, but rather a simple conversation to stir the hearts of kids for God.

Bible Verses

Each devotion comes with a specific Bible verse. The Bible verses use different translations, but the translations Louie Giglio uses stay true to the original text while keeping in mind what kids can comprehend.


img_5414The book itself is illustrated by Nicola Anderson, and it is beautiful. The pictures are animated-like appealing to elementary kids. Some real pictures are used (for example of animals or plants in nature), but otherwise, the pictures are illustrations.

Get Your Copy TODAY!

This book would be great for adults to have in order to live those intentional conversations to create a hunger for God’s Word in kids. I am so thankful there are resources out there like this one that help shed light on God’s character!

If you also are a Sunday School teacher, you could easily turn this book into Sunday School Curriculum. You could even have it around in case you have a teacher cancel last minute! It’s a great resource to have!

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Whether you have kids or not, find a way to pour into the next generation. Tell them all the good things God has done for you and just how amazing God is. I promise you won’t regret sharing all God’s glorious wonders with them! They genuinely are precious in His sight!