One of my favorite things to do throughout the week is to sit down with a student and talk about their relationship with Jesus. Most of these students are in high school, and when we go to have our first discipleship meeting, their first question is how do you have a quiet time with God?

Great question!

I love that these students have a desire and a yearning for God’s Word. But I wonder, what if these students learned what a quiet time with God looked like earlier in their life? What would their relationship be like now?

This is a prime example of how important it is to raise up kids to be in God’s Word. We don’t just read the Bible to say we did it, but rather we read the Bible because it’s God’s Spoken Word. God speaks to His people (us) through the Bible. The Bible has some big words and some really hard-to-pronounce names, but kids CAN read and understand the Bible. We have to come to a realization at some point that church is not the primary discipler.

Discipleship starts in the home.

That’s great, but what does that look like?

There are tons of resources out there to help equip you to disciple kids. Often times, I think we limit what kids are capable of doing just because they are kids, but Jesus told us to have child-like faith. Kids can believe in Jesus, and I believe kids can have a quiet time with Jesus too.

9780718085643_3d6acIf you’re looking for a starting place, I would recommend Kathryn Slattery’s 365 Answers for Curious Kids book. FrontGate Media gave me one of these books to review about and I love it. It’s a great starting point to get your kids in God’s word daily.

This weekend, I will watch one of my best friend’s 3rd grader get baptized and I cannot wait to give him this book. He loves learning about the Lord and even as a 3rd grader wants to be a pastor! It’s awesome!

Anyway, 365 Answers for Curious Kids gives a daily devotional for kids based around a question. Some of the questions range from: “What is the greatest commandment?” to “Why do some Christians put fish-shaped symbols on their cars?”

img_5549Kathryn Slattery has thought up some great questions for kids and paired each question with a Bible story and a devotion. These devotions are short and sweet. If you have a new reader in the house, it may be a little difficult for them to read on their own; but I think there’s something sweet about a parent having a quiet time with their kids. Your higher readers will be able to read the devotions, but may need help on some pronunciations or even definitions. Remember this is a kids book, so it’s geared towards kids.

At the end of each devotion it gives a prayer for you to pray and a “Want to know more?” section, which leads you to another devotion.

img_5553-1Quite honestly, I have this picture in my head where at bedtime, parents and kids read the daily devotional together, talk about it, pray, and then tuck that adorable little one into bed. That’s a quiet time.

The book doesn’t have any fun illustrations to look at which is one down side, but it offers meaningful truths in blue and a sea foam green color. It also provides an attached red ribbon bookmark so you can easily flip to the date.

As far as appropriate grade level, I would say this is perfect for elementary age kids. Remember to your younger ones, you may have to explain more words or have their practice their sight words as they read, but the older elementary kids could read this on their own!

Since we are so close to Christmas, I would definitely get this for some kids who are definitely hunger for more information about Jesus. It opens up for you as a parent to have a spiritual conversation with your kids–and that’s just better than any toy they could get for Christmas. You’re investing in the kingdom instead of things that will fade away.

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