Prone to Wander

I don’t know about you, but I am prone to wander! I am not good at remembering basic truths about God like God is love. I so easily forget and definitely need every possible reminder. Here recently, I received these beautiful phone cases from a company out of LA called Prone to Wander and even a reminder on my phone helps me remember God is who He says He is.

The company is ran but two friends who turned into sister-in-laws (how cool is that?), and came together and started this encouraging business. They have such a heartbeat for encouraging others to remember these basic truths. Their business offers so much more than just phone covers, like pillows, letter boards, and all other kinds of cute stuff. Be sure to check them out!


I received three different types of their phone cases in this adorable package. I’m currently loving the gold trend and when these phone cases arrived in the gold, I was in love. Shipping isn’t a big deal to most companies, but when it looks this cute, you have to take a picture!


The first phone case is the  clear phone case (it’s on the left). This one is “Seek First His Kingdom.” God used this verse in my life back when I was in college to remind me that I first need to be looking towards Him in everything, which only reminds me to see God in spite of my circumstances.

The middle phone case is probably one of my favorite sayings, but also the one I forget the most. I spent so much of my life trying to earn love that it’s hard for me to accept God’s love, which doesn’t have to be earned. I so often think that when I mess up, then I’m no longer loved, but God promises His love never fails! This phone case is apart of the shimmer series! It fits perfectly and is so smooth!

The last case on the right is apart of the wood series. This one seems to be the most durable (for those of us who drop our phones–me). They have all different sayings available, but the one I picked was the “Blessed” one. In the midst of chaos, it’s hard to remember what God has already done, because we can only see what’s right in front of us, but the reality is that I have been greatly blessed!

There is a giveaway as well if you want to enter to win your own phone case!

No matter if a phone case is the way to remind yourself of the simple promises of God, find a way that works for you! Write God’s Word on your heart and let it soak in. Make it apart of your every day life and see where God takes you!