Hey Y’all!

It’s been awhile since I have had a chance to bring you some new posts and I’m so sorry about that! The last couple of months got really slammed between grad school, finishing out the school year, student ministry, and sleeping! 🙂 Although I started two new grad classes, I already have some future blog posts ready for you this summer! Starting with this awesome new resource the CSB Study Bible for Women.

A couple of months ago, I shared with you the She Reads Truth Bible and the CSB Study Bible for Women is equally awesome. I think you will find all the features in the CSB Study Bible to be super helpful. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to have different resources available to you as you get into God’s Word. We are so fortunate here in America with so many tools to study with that people around the world would love to have! If you haven’t found your perfect resource to help you study, keep looking, but finding a study bible is a great place to start! So let me show you a little bit about the CSB Study Bible for Women.

The Basics


The Bible is a hardcover with Smyth-sewn binding. The colors you see in the pictures are not filtered, so that’s really the color of the Bible. When you open up the Bible, you will see two-column text, size eight font. This is pretty normal as far as font size goes, but if you typically read with large print, this may be straining on the eyes. In a few of the other pictures, you will notice the it’s in full color. I personally love to write all over my Bible with the Sharpie Fine Point Pen, and these pages are pretty thin. Using that pen, it would show through onto the next page. The pages wouldn’t bleed through, but it would definitely be visible onto the opposite side of the writing.

At the Front


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The front of this Bible is literally so adorable. It provides a way to document family trees, an explanation of the Jewish Marriage Contract (so stinking cute!) and it gives an opportunity to write our your vows with your spouse, a place to write out family milestones, and a place for you to remember your Spiritual Mothers. I love this little section! I’ve heard about old family Bibles where they would have the family trees and that kind of thing, but I haven’t ever seen something like this! It’s such a neat gift to be able to document all these family elements and then pass this Bible along to a daughter or granddaughter some day!

From there, the Bible goes into the Table of Contents as well as a How to Study the Bible and an explanation of the Gospel. Both of these are very great tools for any reader to be reminded of or to aid in studying God’s Word.

Book Introduction


At the beginning of every book of the Bible, it has an introduction to the book. It gives a brief run down of the who, what, when, where, and why as well as a little outline to help organize the information you’re about to read about. I also love how cute the flowers are with the scripted font of the book name. Each introduction provides a timeline as well to help keep things straight as you read through the content. It’s just a simple visual that adds so much to understanding Scripture.

Brief Commentary and Word Study


One of the best things about a study Bible are the commentaries! This particular Bible has some really great insight that helps provide historical or cultural context that is necessary to best comprehend the content. It also gives different Word Studies–with a complete list of all the word studies in the back of the Bible.

Additional Features


There are so many other neat features that are unique to this study Bible including character studies, doctrine, hard questions, full color maps, and application of the heart.

Your Turn

If you haven’t ever had a study Bible, take this opportunity to enter the giveaway for a chance to win! But if you’re interest as well there’s a link for you to shop for your own! If you want any other information check out the YouTube video to give you a little more information on the CSB translation!


Click Here to Enter the Giveaway


Again, stay tuned in because there are some New Posts coming soon!

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