Life gets a little crazy and complicated at times–we could look at 2020 on a global level and see how crazy and complicated life is. There’s a global pandemic and a US Presidential Election. We’ve had natural disasters strike different places around the globe. People divided. It’s rough–just looking at it on a global level.

But then there are the things that happen on a personal level. Maybe it’s a season of celebration and although 2020 has been rough for the globe, it’s been a great year for you personally. While someone else may be seeing that 2020 is terrible all the way around. It’s difficult with all the trials being thrown your way–maybe a death of family member, break ups, financial struggle, and so much more that you could be juggling.

Regardless of what circumstances are happening in life, we can rest that God is on the throne. He is on the throne. He is in control. We may not understand what exactly is happening, but when we transition our focus from ourselves to our God, things begin to change.

Levi Lusko recently wrote a new 40 day devotional book called Take Back Your Life and it’s all about changing your thoughts and focusing on the Lord. In a world that keeps changing, it’s great to be able to focus ourselves on God’s character!

The 40-Day devotional includes a daily Bible verse, a devotion, a prayer, and a “breathe, think, live” questions (these ask questions based off the devotion that are both encouraging and challenging).

Not only does the book provide you with some thought provoking questions to bring your focus back to God, but Lusko has provided online FREE resources as well to go along with the book–including a Kids Guide.

If you’d like to be entered in for a giveaway, CLICK HERE for a chance to win your own copy!

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